Refund Policy

Haus of JB is a UK based made-to-order womenswear brand. Returns are unfortunately not accepted on any item that complies with being made-to-order. All designs on the Haus of JB website are custom made from fabric purchased specifically to fulfil each individual order and they are hand made to-measure. We have an alterations service in place which in most cases is a free service. Please look at our alterations FAQ's for a full break down on the alteration service.

If there is a problem with an order that relates to a production issue at Haus of JB then an alteration/replacement on the goods will be offered to rectify the quality issue. Because every product is custom-made to your specifications, if the order has already been produced Haus of JB retains the right to solely offer an alteration/replacement when seeking to rectify any problem with an order.

A refund will be offered only when an order is cancelled within 24 hours of being placed prior to the fabric being ordered and any work being undertaken by Haus of JB. If you need to cancel an order you should contact customer services on at your earliest convenience.  Due to the short turnaround times we try to work to, your order may have already gone into production.